Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#V6TECHNOCAT Review: Holden Insignia VXR 2.8 V6 Turbo AWD


This German back road tourer has plenty of grunt and plenty of tech to satisfy all but the V8 Hoonigans of the Australian Automotive landscape

 Mick McWilliams

27 April 2016

The VXR is the only model in the Holden Insignia lineup, which is rather closely related to the Opel Insignia OPC from a few years ago. This time around there is new tech in the form of the latest MyLink system and an 8 inch multi-function display which replaces most of the conventional dials and also adds Apple Carplay and Android Auto (which I didn't even play with because I was having too much fun driving!). 

There are a number of trinkets to lure tech buyers, but really this is the type of car that should attract people who like to take the long road home, or enjoy the occasional weekend away scaring the wildlife on back country tarmac. 

This is the ideal car for disillusioned Saab drivers, especially since it's basically an updated 9-3 Turbo-X! It even has all of the Generals best smart suspension tricks: HiPerStruts, Flex-ride and the 4th gen Haldex AWD system and eLSD. 

If you want to tease yourself, leave it in VXR mode. The off idle burble, stiffened magnetically controlled suspension and harder gear changes corrupt you in no time at all, just like the OPC did. 

I hope the next generation will still have a splash of this character when it rolls around sometime next year. Braaap!

Tech (adaptive Suspension, smart head lights, RADAR Cruise just to name the headliners!)
Seats (Recaro buckets with 3-memory)
Brembo Brakes
Regular Service fixed price $229! (up to 90,000 kms)
They say 57k driveaway but I bet you can get away with less than 50 

No Manual
No Wagon
Whomever engineered the Climate Control touch panel is a sociopath
Drinks Premium 98 (though not as fast as a V8)
Not as fast as a V8
No RWD hoonability......


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